Sales of PRO AV Equipment & Accessories

Symphony    is your one-stop choice for all live sound & light  equipment’s and accessories. We will help you put together the ideal solution, whatever your application – from small speech reinforcement set-ups to a full band or nightclub sound system.

Our range of leading brand   equipment includes RCF, HARMAN, PROEL, AVOLITE, and NEUTRIC and includes mixers and speakers , sound processors, interfaces, microphones, trussing, lighting and accessories. In store, our expert sales staff are always ready to offer expert advice and help to ensure you get the best  system for your requirements.


Event Production

Expertise From the very latest technology to the unique demands of individual market’s production needs, we have the expertise to provide our clients with the most thorough, thoughtful solutions to any production challenges.

Resources If it exists, we have it. And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll design it to fit your needs. Unmatched inventory, global facilities, logistical management, in-house engineering and customized solutions are just some of the many resources we offer our clients.

State-of-the-art technology we are a leader in advancing entertainment technology, with a strong focus on innovation, product development and system packaging.

Safety In the warehouse, in transit, and on-site, we are committed to maintaining a safe environment by implementing best practices and complying with all laws and safety standards, and to maintaining safe, quality equipment.